3D printing is the new technology on which a lot of work and research are being done. Recently some sources reported that Victoria and Albert Museum in London, UK has attained world’s first 3D gun it was invented by Cody Wilson, a Texan Law student whose company sent out the blueprints of this invention on the internet. This has become a threat to the company Defense Distributed as Wilson was termed as the most dangerous man in a magazine and after downloading its design anyone would be able to get their own weapon. After watching this situation, the US government forced the company to remove these designs but already the designs were downloaded over 100,000 times. The V&A museum has two copies of the Liberator pistol on display as part of London Design Week. The two prototypes on display — one extant and one disassembled to show its components — are part of a new collection of 3D objects. According to the curators, the guns “represent a turning point in debates around digital manufacturing.” The Science Museum in London also has a Liberator on display.


In an interview with CNN, Wilson said that he felt the museum’s curators appreciated the Liberator pistol as a design object, but also appreciated the political ideas the weapon conveyed. “The curators of the museum’s digital collection understand Liberator and our other pieces are first and foremost articles of political thought-practice,” Wilson said.

3D Printed Gun

Wilson says that in his view 3D printing is still in its infancy, and that it will become more significant in the future: “I see digital manufacturing playing a bigger role in our lives.”


While he thought that the mainstream firearms industry is no longer as powerful as it once was, Wilson said he thought that the spread of weaponry will gradually increase, and that in future it will be easy for almost anyone to get a gun: “I think gun-making culture is on an understandable decline, but the barrier to entry to this culture will be lowered.”

3D Printed Gun

Considering it as a design object, Wilson believes that the Liberator’s unusual shape has been part of its success: “Looking back, I would change nothing of the design. It was curious, boxy, and alien. Its strangeness allowed it a better examination — both as an article about design and as a concept.”

3d gun

The museum has also attained 4 other items which turn out to be the future innovation in technology. These items include a homemade toaster and an armchair with elongated ears to create an artificial private space. All the items were bought through the Design Fund to Benefit the V&A.

3d Gun case

Martin Roth, the museum’s director, said: “The generosity of supporters of the Design Fund ensures that the V&A is able to acquire for our permanent collections some of the best and most exciting design projects of our time”.


“This year’s acquisitions reflect an interesting combination of new technologies working with traditional crafts.”




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